Googling My Way to Hypochondria

About a month ago, I got pretty sick. It started with an episode of vomiting and diarrhea, and then a day later, I had a cough, fever, and congestion. The stomach issues lasted only 24 hours. The cough lingered. Coincidentally, I was due to visit my pulmonologist in a week for a check-up and CT scan, so I thought I would wait and see what she would have to say. Cont.

A Motherless Mother's Day

My mother died over thirty years ago when I was 19. Considering that I lived a significant amount of my adulthood without her, I have become accustomed to the lack of her presence and manage most days with only a minor twinge of missing her. There are times, however, when living without her is especially painful, and the weekend of Mother’s Day is one of those times. Continued on #mothersday #moms #death #loss #memories #mourning

Small Bear to Great Bear

There’s the big dipper I say “No” she splays my fingers into fronds and measures the night sky from minor to major “There’s the big dipper” she corrects “They are all the same” I say She replies “No — they all have their place — their color — like race you cannot move from one to the other” I dismiss their distinctive twinkles and say “they are the same” “They’re not” she denies “They are in different places Like you and me” “But we’re both here” I — Her hands rise before my face and block the stars before my eyes “No — We’re not” “You’re here I’m back there”

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